Well, somewhat hot anyway. Hot for this area I’m led to believe. The temperatures where I was living before this have hit about 105 every day so 95 isn’t too terrible. Still, it is quite hot when I’m wearing boots, breeches and a long sleeve sun shirt.

My sister graduated college this last weekend so I was away all weekend. Poor Scarlet was left without any exercise for a while. Though, he probably didn’t hate it due to the weather.

I went out Monday and got us all geared up for a ride. There were a couple of people doing a short lunging on their horses but no one else riding. Not all that strange for a Monday but I got the impression it was due to the heat and not the day. Though lunging isn’t all the much better in the heat, in my opinion. I say that partially because they lunged their horses for longer at faster speeds than they would have if they were riding and dealing with the heat of exertion as well.

Scarlet and I did a basic warm up with some serpentines and a lot of walk breaks. He didn’t sweat overly much while we were riding so I think I kept the pace perfect for him to not get overheated. He definitely still had plenty of energy when we were done but I didn’t want to ride anymore. And that slow pace meant that it was about time for us to wrap up so I could get home to eat. I hosed him off which he did not appreciate. I know he felt better after though from being cool so I ignored him. His

His fly mask keeps getting pulled off in his stall. This is frustrating me. He really is bugged by the flys at his face. I can see the hair around his eyes getting rubbed off from where he is trying to rub them away. But I can’t do anything about another horse pulling off his masks. And I do know it is another horse because I’ve had Scarlet for a long time (collectively) and I was able to only use 2 masks over that time period. He doesn’t destroy them on his own.

Tuesday I repeated the same. It seemed hotter than Monday though. I think that is because it wasn’t cooling off as fast as Monday had. I worked Scarlet more at the walk, actually asking for him to carry himself and then doing some leg yields. I added turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches and a bunch of backing up. Even if we can’t work at faster speeds, that doesn’t mean we can’t work period. Luckily, the heat seems like it will dip in a day or so. I’m definitely making sure I’m out at the barn early on the weekend this weekend though. I’d like to ride for a good while without melting like the wicked witch.


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