Meeting Dante

Sunday, L from Viva Carlos needed someone to be there to make sure she didn’t die if she and Dante decided to part ways abruptly. I hadn’t been out to meet him yet so I said okay, even with the early morning involved. And then L overslept and I ended up chilling at my house for a little while longer. That was fine with me. I ended up drinking my tea in a sedate manner and knitting some on my current project. (Good lord I sound like an old lady. Lol)

Temecula wasn’t nearly as far away as Norco so we got there pretty quickly. I’m still getting used to where everything is down here so I have no idea how long things take. We pulled into the barn and I got to see all the babies. The barn Dante is at breeds and starts young horses so I got to see all the cuties! L pointed out a few of the horses to me while we went to go get Dante from his stall. He didn’t look super big till she led him out. Then he looked monstrous. Scarlet is 15 hands. Dante is 16.3 and he is only 3 so he may get even larger. That is a huge difference in height. He is super chill though. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought he was at least twice his actual age.

L got him tacked up and I helped with the mounting block. He is really smart and not at all spooky, past the normal baby omg what is that stuff. He seemed to have this look of sheepishness on his face whenever he figured out that something wasn’t worth reacting to. It was quite adorable. He is such a nice mover too. His trot is so springy without any actual effort on his part. He only has a few months of training so there is hardly any reaching or rocking his center of gravity farther back. Imagining how he is going to do when he is older is honestly amazing. His canter is lovely too.

Once L was done, we cleaned him up and chatted with some people from the barn as they headed out to a nearby show. Dante was super chill and, while didn’t totally lean on you for attention, seemed quite content to lower his head and leave it near my shoulder while I scratched him. Once he is done with the halter stuff, I can totally see him becoming a lovebug of a horse.

Monday I decided to not do my no stirrup ride as I hadn’t been out on Sunday. It didn’t seem fair to Scarlet to ask him to deal with a shorter ride and my butt hitting his back a lot after a day off. So we did a flatwork ride. It was quite nice and Scarlet seemed to be happy with it. I’ve been trying to add a slight bit more walking around the whole property after our rides. I want to get him up to the trail arena someday, but it is separated from the rest of the arenas by the main barn and wash stalls. Scarlet does not like that area so I’ve been trying to add it in slowly so it’s not a big deal when we finally do. The jury is still out on if that is working or not.

Tuesday I did my normal no stirrup ride. I shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have even gone out to the barn. I was feeling pretty crappy and just wasn’t into it at all. Scarlet was pretty good, with the exception of not wanting to uncurl while I sat the trot. I was able to post over a full lap at the trot and we cantered a lot. So the ride itself wasn’t terrible but my mindset was. I didn’t want to let myself wimp out of actually going and pushing myself. I don’t feel terrible about it but I don’t feel great about it either. I’m not sure if I regret going. It is so easy for me to justify missing something or not doing something if I’m, not at 100%. I’m trying to break that habit but it means I’m going to have some days like this that I will have to get through. Not a big deal, just something that is going to happen. I guess I’m happy that I didn’t let whatever part of my brain that does that take over, but I still feel bleh. Once I feel better, I probably will be happy. Brains are weird.


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