New Shoes!

First off: Scarlet finally got new shoes! Yay!

The farrier came out on Tuesday and did them without me being there. That is really super convenient because, with a full-time job, it’s just really hard to get out to the barn when a farrier would like to be working. I get they want to go home to their families but I can’t get out there except in the evenings. So it was great that this farrier was able to get out. Bonus, he said Scarlet’s feet look good and I don’t need to worry about anything. Yay!

Monday was the only day I’ve gotten to ride recently. It was still warm out but not terribly so. Definitely better than the weekend. I wasn’t trying to do too much with Scarlet. I just wanted to get around for my mental sake and to keep him from being super out of riding.

We did some walk-trot-canter work. Scarlet has been getting a bit spooky at a certain spot in the arena so I kept my leg on much more in that section than I normally would to keep him on the rail. I also worked him about three feet off the rail after we had warmed up at the trot. This totally blew his little horse-y mind and he didn’t know how to go straight anymore. I had to work really hard to keep him between my legs and reins. It ended up being harder than I wanted to work but it was a good ride. I need to throw that in more so that Scarlet doesn’t depend on the rail. He shouldn’t be doing that as much as he is.

My plan is to get closer to my normal amount of riding done for the rest of this week. Hopefully that happens and Scarlet and I get back on track. Not that we have a track to aim at but I’m always trying to make improvements for the both of us. Gotta have them goals!


13 thoughts on “New Shoes!

    • Me too! It went for far too long. I really need to pay closer attention to the weeks. Though he wasn’t tripping like he normally does when it has been too long in between his appts.


    • Me too! It went for far too long. I need to pay better attention to the weeks. Though he wasn’t tripping like he normally does when he gets long so I guess it wasn’t terrible for him.


    • I’ll admit, his front feet threw me off at first cause they looked really short. But I had to tell myself, you’ve really been focusing on it when they were long the last few weeks. Lol


    • Scarlet is a really good boy for farriers. Even back when he was 6 he would stand still no problem. And that horse never stood still when he was younger. Such a nice quality to have for a horse. It’s definitely one of those things I have to have for any future horses.


  1. lol my trainer makes me ride my horse off the rail basically 100% of the time bc…. yea it’s actually not easy, and can expose a lot of small little issues and inconsistencies otherwise masked by the rail. funny how that works!


    • The arena I grew up riding in was in my backyard. Two fences and then two open sides. So I never thought it was really a problem. But then I realized my right hand was wonky and figured if my hand was wonky, we probably were not riding straight. And what do you know? Lol we are definitely going to work on it now.


  2. New shoes! I hear you on having a hard time meeting the farrier. It’s next to impossible to find someone around here to come evenings or weekends.

    I can’t ride straight to save my life without the rail. It is harder than it looks!


    • That is always something that annoys me. I get wanting to hold normal hours. But the majority of their customers work full time jobs so it would make sense to at least have a half day available on Saturday or something.


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