Bleh Week

This week… just didn’t work for me. I had hoped that I was getting Scarlet shod this week but no one I could afford had openings till next week. So he is a bit longer than I like. I didn’t pay attention to how long it had been and started looking on the 7th or 8th week of his normal shoeing cycle. And we have been riding, on average, 5-6 days a week. His hoof has definitely grown faster than I expected. So in the meantime, his feet are a bit longer. So I haven’t been riding much. It has also been a difficult week due to small various personal issues so it felt nice to take a bit extra time off to just focus on myself.

I took my stirrups off for the ride on Monday. It didn’t go well. Not bad per say but when I started trying to post, the inside of my right thigh burned, like I had ripped my skin or something. I couldn’t figure out what on earth had happened. I shifted my weight and tried again but it still hurt. So I gave up on that and tried to do more sitting trot and forward walk. After getting around a bit at that, I tried posting again and it went fine. I kinda failed at doing it and wasn’t able to do as much as I would have liked but no pain. No freaking clue what caused it. My working theory is that I somehow pinched my skin but there are no marks there so *shrug*.

I didn’t ride again till Thursday. I wasn’t feeling great at that time so all I wanted to do was get on and ride around. I had created a plan on my drive out there to work on lateral movements and such but I ditched that on the ride there. I just needed a “fix the human” ride so that’s all we did.

Scarlet was feeling a bit frisky and he spooked at a couple parts of the arena. Not too badly so it didn’t really throw me out of the happy ride zone I got in. We rode around at all gaits and he was very good. We got a really really really nice canter depart on the left lead the first time I asked for it. That has been something that hasn’t been happening lately. He has been hallowing and trying to run into the canter. That isn’t good because it literally is avoiding working. This time, I had a really nice trot that was balanced and his back was being used correctly so that definitely helped a lot. When I’m feeling more up to it, I’ll work on those a lot more. But this ride did what it needed to do for me. I got into a better headspace and enjoyed the ride.

Tuesday is when Scarlet is going to be getting new shoes. I’m pulling off the back ones cause I can’t afford to do a full set of shoes with the farrier I could schedule. We mostly ride in the arenas so I don’t think it will be a big problem. We will see how he does without the back shoes.


12 thoughts on “Bleh Week

  1. Sorry your week was just bleh. At least is wasn’t bad! I’ve been caught too late too when I was in between farriers. They are both barefoot and I trim them myself now so I don’t have to worry so much anymore.

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    • A friend of mine does that with her horses. I’ve trimmed a horse before, but I do like having another person’s eyes on his feet. I don’t trust myself to catch small things before they get bad.


  2. Hopefully going barefoot in the back is okay – the farrier bill is never one that I look forward to receiving but it does make me feel good when their feet look good and healthy


    • I agree. It’s one of those expected expenses but I definitely got a shock at the price differences in this area than where I was a couple of months ago. Especially because it is an expense that happens every two months. You cannot tell me that the average ammy with one horse can really afford to pay and extra 300$ every two months for shoes.


  3. Sorry you weren’t feeling good last week and I hope you feel better this week! Also fingers crossed, both my horses did well for a long time without hind shoes so I hope that it works out for Scarlet!


    • I’m definitely hoping it works out. My only concern would be if I manage to get out on the trails more. That is something I’d like to do but we will cross that bridge if/when it comes.


  4. Ugh my new horse gets shod all around and the change in cost was a bit of a sucker punch compared to my last mare who went barefoot behind. Hopefully your guy does just fine with only fronts tho! Most horses honestly seem to be ok like that.


    • I think he will be. His feet have never been terrible. I’m hoping it works out and he doesn’t overly wear down his back or something. I’ve always had him in four, even when I first had him. So my non-sane worrywart horse mom brain is silently freaking out about he is going to chip his hooves and go lame etc. I just need to breathe and by tomorrow it will all be good.


  5. Fingers crossed he does well with just being shod up front! Most horses do alright though. P is just special (and especially expensive). Hope your next week is more than blah!


    • Don’t you just love when your horses are special? Luckily, Scarlet is an easy keeper in most instances. The only thing he is absolutely terrible at is standing on his own. But he follows me around on his lead while I do whatever chores I need to so I let him get away with it.

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