Delayed Post!

So, ever have those days where you let one thing slide and all of the sudden your weekend is over and nothing was accomplished? … yeah that’s what happened to me this weekend.

So, belated post that is normally supposed to be up on Sunday shall now be split into multiple posts both going up today!

Wednesday, I was pretty out of it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to work on when I went out to the barn. Normally I think, “We should work on leg yields.” or “We should work on transitions.” but I didn’t think any of that.

So, since I had been neglecting something I had promised myself I would do, I took my stirrups off my saddle for the ride. I want to ride like that at least once a week. It will help me build up my muscle and improve my balance in my seat overall. I’m hoping that if I do this regularly, removing my stirrups for all of November for no stirrup November won’t seem as insane.

The ride actually went really well. I got some good walking out of Scarlet right off the bat. I am never worried about walking stirrupless though so I probably don’t tense. The trot work was what really improved this time. Last time I went stirrupless, I didn’t even try to post. This time, I did. I wasn’t able to post for as long as I would have liked but the posting was smooth and not as hard as I would have though. I think I got 3/4 of a lap of the arena as my longest posting section. Altogether, I posted about 3 laps. Which isn’t fantastic but its improvement from where I was. Plus, the sitting trot without stirrups was better as well. Scarlet was not as pissed at me. Canter was fine, though I always forget how hard it is to canter without stirrups, even though it’s by far my easiest gait.

Thursday is normally my day off so I got to go see Catalina and Karen’s other horses from Spanish Walk. She is such a huge baby! And so freaking cute. She wanted all the scratches and I was happy to oblige. I love Scarlet but he has never been the horse to move for scratches and wiggle his head when you get to the right place. Catalina definitely wanted specific places scratched. So did most of her other horses.

One thing that was really cool about visiting Karen’s herd was it really was a herd. I’ve never really had a chance to go out into a field and be part of that. The horses came up to us and just stood around, loving being scratched and getting attention. It was fantastic. I loved giving scratches and just spending time enjoying the horses.

Friday, I just didn’t want to go out to the barn so I didn’t. I wish I had due to all the rain we got over the weekend but it was nice to just chill at home after work and cuddle with the cats.

I’ll include Saturday and Sunday in the next post!


5 thoughts on “Delayed Post!

  1. It’s so funny to me the difference between east and west coast horse farms. Like the “herd” thing – I’ve never been to a farm where the horses were NOT out in herds. Like there have been a couple that also had individual private turnouts… But those were only for the very fan$y horses lol

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    • As much as I don’t want your weather, I totally envy the east coast horse land. There seems to be much more turnout, much more horse friendly trails and a larger variety of stuff to do.

      Odd that the west, with huge plots of land, doesn’t do the herd thing more at boarding places.


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