I got some jumping in with Scarlet this week! It was so much fun.

Wednesday, Scarlet was feeling somewhat lethargic and it was difficult to get him to move forward at a good clip. I tried to get him moving and do some transitions within gaits. That usually gets him a bit more up as he likes doing the lengthened gaits but I didn’t really get much out of him. So I didn’t push it.

We have been working out a lot more lately. He had basically had the last three months off. We did a few rides here and there but definitely not enough to keep him in peak shape. So I completely understand him being tired after three weeks of pretty consistent rides.

Thursday was his day off so I hoped that he just chilled and relaxed in his pen being a horse.

Friday I wanted to just get him moving forward and stretching as much as possible. I rode him around on long reins and pushed him forward into the bit. It took a bit for him to get with the program but I was able to work him long and low at the walk and trot. We even got a few laps of really stretched down. I then asked him to canter around a bit at an easy pace with a couple of trot poles after. He seemed to appreciate the easy ride.

After the ride, I gave him his grain in the cross ties while I groomed him. I’m still trying to get used to the perfect water ratio for the new beet pulp based grain that I am starting him on. I put a small amount of that in the bucket and soak it while we ride and then add in some of the old grain. Well, I overestimated the water this time. It all turned into a nice slurry mess. Scarlet didn’t care though.

Get all that food. All up in my face…
And this was AFTER he had cleaned up all the dropped food.

I cleaned his face up with a cloth cause it was just covered in goopy grain. He didn’t seem to care though.

Saturday was the day we went over a few jumps. I got out there at 9 and that is still too early for some horse people I guess. I never understand why people don’t get out until later on the weekends. It’s so much nicer getting out when it’s cooler and before you start your day.

I hauled Scarlet behind me to change some of the jumps back to cross rails. I have a lesson scheduled for next weekend and so I’ll start lessoning with jumps. I trust Scarlet to get over almost anything put in front of him, I don’t trust myself to do my part. So I didn’t want to deal with any verticals.

After a short warmup, I pointed him at the line of trot poles we did the other day. He sped up into them, as usual, and bonked his hinds on them. So I did them again and halted him after the line. Then we did them a third time and he kept a fairly even pace. Its nice when his brain kicks in and he stops rushing the lines.

We started our jumping with a line down the rail. He hopped over both of them at a nice even trot. It was super awesome. Then I went back around and he trotted in, cantered out no problem. Then a diagonal with the same results. Then I strung the lines and a small single cross rail together. He did freaking amazing. It’s so nice to just be able to point him at the lines and say go get them. At this height, Scarlet has no problem and I’ve  never had him try to run out or stop on me. He likes jumping too much. I’m sure we will have a few issues when/if we raise the jumps higher in lessons. I’m pretty sure they will all be caused by me. We had a couple of bad jumps due to me. He overjumped due to a filler being a bit scary than he had thought and I got super left behind. I also came down on his back hard at another jump. I need to practice my two point so that I don’t make him sore by not being able to stay off his back.

It’s so nice to ride Scarlet sometimes. I just know him so well now and he is behaving so nicely at this new barn. It’s really nice to be able to decide on focusing on him for a ride, focusing on me, or just riding to feel good.

The mare behind Scarlet has decided that he is mighty fine. She nickers at him every time I bring him back to his pen.


10 thoughts on “Jumping!

    • I don’t necessarily know if he was even sore or just tired. Or he might have just not wanted to work that day. There are so many possibilities and he wasn’t being a brat about it so I was willing to work within what he wanted to do.


    • It’s kinda fun, kinda frustrating. I think it’s harder to figure out what I’m doing incorrectly than it is to work on improving Scarlet.

      Don’t worry, I have faith you are going to get back to a place where you can worry about you instead of your boy.


    • I’m excited! I don’t really know how this trainer works as I haven’t seen any lessons happening while I’m out there so I’m hoping I jive with them. If I don’t, well it was worth a shot.


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