First Outings

Scarlet arrived on Sunday and I was so happy to see him. I got a call from the hauler that they were about 30 minutes out and headed right on over. I got there just about when they pulled in. Scarlet started calling out when they stopped moving. The hauler said it was cause he heard me. I kinda chuckled at that. Scarlet always has thrown a fit while being in the trailer if he wasn’t moving. So him calling and starting to dance around was just normal.

He walked down the ramp like a sane horse, which I really wasn’t expecting. He was in pretty good shape, just a tiny nick on his left hind about the size of the tip of my pinky. It was already dry and honestly, horses get small nicks like that all the time so I was 100% not worried about it.

I put him in his stall and he stuffed his face into the hay waiting for him right away. He ate, paced, “discussed” with his new neighbors, and drank some water while I watched him for a bit. I took him out to give him a bit of room to stretch his legs in the round pen. He rolled a bunch but wasn’t much interested in kicking up his heels. A bit too much new for him to do that. So I brought him back and groomed him really well. He was super dusty and hairy since he hadn’t been getting regular groomings while shedding. He and one of his neighbors had to bite and paw at each other a bunch to try and figure out who is the badest baddy of them all but no squealing which was nice. I wanted to stick around till he pooped but I’d been there for a couple of hours and he hadn’t. He doesn’t like to drink while in a trailer so I wasn’t too surprised that he was a bit dehydrated. He had drunk and ate while I was there so I wasn’t too worried.

Monday was the first time I went out to ride. I was sooo excited to be able to get back on him. Some people probably would have given their horses a bit longer to get settled in but Scarlet needs work and needs his routine. It’s easier to get him settled into what he is going to be doing, rather than letting him laze around for a while. He was quite tense when I got him out to groom. The crossties were not his friend either. They were kinda far away from his stall since my tack room happened to be one that was farther away. But, we were still within eyesight of horses so I didn’t think it would be a problem. But the crossties kinda echoed when you walked into them and he did not like that. So we spend about 30 minutes dancing around while I groomed him. He didn’t want to tie to the crossties either so that hadn’t been an option. Once I got on him, he was quite good. He called out a bunch but was only slightly tense while working and didn’t really try to act up. I called it after an easy 30ish minute ride. I only wanted to get him out and moving. I am not going to ask too much of him for a week or so. I want him settled in before I ask him to work harder. He did very well for the first ride.

Tuesday, we did a bit more work with the crossties. I walked in, turned around and walked right back out with him a few times till he didn’t balk at entering. There we stopped and walked out a bit. I was able to do a bit of the grooming in the crossties, though he wasn’t attached to them. Having the crossties on his halter caused him to panic a bit more than just having the lead so I wasn’t going to push it too much. I don’t want him to freak out in the crossties. I just want him to get used to them and deal with their scariness. He was much less tense for our second ride and did a bit more work at the walk for me. He was really good and only called out twice. He even almost stretched down at the walk. Not as much as he normally would but it was close. Afterward, I got him to stand in the crossties, hooked up to them while I untacked him and groomed him. He was very good and got a bunch of treats for being so brave.

It’s great to have him back and I’m really enjoying being able to go out to the barn every day again. He is doing really well for just having arrived a couple of days ago. We will ride again on Wednesday and then Thursday will be his day off. That is the busiest day for traffic for my husband so I agreed to cook dinner on Thursdays and make that my non-riding day. I feel very positive about our potential rides and working us both back into fitness. It will be great to get back into enough shape that both Scarlet and I can do a full workout and not feel super exhausted. Plus, we both have a bit of chub that we need to lose! No better way to do that than by riding. 😉


6 thoughts on “First Outings

  1. Where in the Central Coast did you come from? I moved to San Diego from Santa Cruz 3 years ago. Glad Scarlet is settling in and you’re getting some good riding time.


  2. awesome that he traveled so much better than you expected and then settled in well! i’m with you on liking to introduce the horse to their new routine relatively quickly. it’s possible to ease them into it while still going through the motions like “yes we ride now, m’kay?” sounds like he was totally fine tho, very exciting!

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    • Yeah he has adjusted surprisingly well. Moving to a new place is so horse specific too. Some of them need some time for their brain to adjust without humans messing with them. Scarlet is the other type. His brain works better with a job and a routine. So I got started on that! 🙂


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