I got notice that Scarlet is coming down! He will be here on Sunday!

The barn manager at our old barn texted me Saturday morning to ask if I had heard from the transport company since they were dropping another horse off at the barn he was at up north on Saturday afternoon. I hadn’t, so I gave them a call.

They checked the schedule and said they’d give me a call back. When they did, they said they can pick him up today. He will have a layover in LA for the night and then will head on down in the morning. I should get a notice of when he will be there but, let’s be honest, I’m probably going to be out there from around 10 am on or something.

I’m so excited. Also a little anxious. Scarlet has never ridden well in trailers and now he doesn’t even load well. Not much I can do about that till I become good friends with someone who has a trailer and is willing to hitch it up for me to practice with. We did have a small practice session a couple of months back but that is not nearly enough to fix his anxiety getting in.

Either way, it’s out of my hands now. This company does tons of these trips and are very good at it. They will be able to handle him, especially since Scarlet doesn’t try to attack anyone, he just is thinking about running away.

I’m shaking I’m so excited. I will finally have my boy down here and we will be able to ride again! Woot! San Diego, here we come!

Updated after Scarlet was picked up: Scarlet supposedly walked right onto the trailer. I’m literally in shock. He has had such a hard time loading anytime I’ve had to do it with him recently. Oh well, I’m not going to question my good luck. Here are a couple pictures of his fuzzy butt on the trailer. I do not know how he got mud behind his freaking ear. We will take care of that tomorrow.

Muddy ear!



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