Progress! Kinda…

So, I had been having trouble getting into contact with the barn down here to confirm that a stall was ready for Scarlet. I had gotten a call from the shipping company on Sunday saying they had a trip on Monday with a Tuesday drop off. I tried to confirm with the barn that everything would be ready but I couldn’t get ahold of the trainer. So Scarlet didn’t get on that trip.

I figured it’s Sunday. Even though most barns operate on the weekends, I know the trainer has a family so no big deal. Monday rolls around. No call by 2 pm. So I give another call. No answer. I call at 5ish, leave another message. Tuesday rolls around. No call by 1:30, I call again. No answer. At this point, I’m getting annoyed because I had put down a deposit to hold the stall and they had deposited that check in the bank. In my mind, that means that as soon as they accepted my money, a stall should be open for me. However, I couldn’t get into contact with them to confirm this. I was getting extremely frustrated. Yes, it had only been two days but I think that a full business day is enough to get back to someone.

Finally, around 2 something on Tuesday (I know I know, it’s really not that long to get back to me. But I’m an anxious horse owner trying to finagle getting my horse down here) I got a call back. We talked, the stall is clean and fixed up. She made up a name plate for Scarlet with his feed stuffs. We talked about tack room stuff. And then she said that the best way to get in contact with her was via email. I have literally never met a horse person who was on top of their email enough to use that as their primary means of communication. Not that I mind, since I’m almost constantly connected to my gadgets, but it just boggled my mind.

So now I’ve got confirmation everything is ready. The next time the transport company is taking a trip down, Scarlet is going to be on that trailer. I really really need to get back into riding. It’s driving me nuts to not be going out to a barn on a regular basis.


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