San Diego starting soon

San Diego here Scarlet comes! Hopefully…

Getting Scarlet down to San Diego with me is complicated. I don’t have a truck and trailer. If I did, it would still be hard. It’s a long drive from the central coast to San Diego. Six hours minimum without traffic. And since you have to go through LA, there is ALWAYS traffic. So I have to organize transportation to get him down here. The timing on that has been a little tricky. I didn’t want to bring him down the first weekend after I arrived

I didn’t want to bring him down the first weekend after I arrived since I needed some time to settle in and find a barn. I also had a farrier appointment scheduled for the 15th. I didn’t want to bring him down till after that since the last thing I wanted to worry about when he gets here is finding a reputable farrier. So I was hoping to schedule a trip down this weekend.

Unfortunately, the company that I decided to go with has trips once a week and they aren’t consistently on the same day. The trip this week was for Wednesday evening, the evening he was getting shod. So that idea had to be ditched. The company doesn’t know the exact date of the trip next week but they said they would give me a few days heads up. Hopefully, Scarlet will be down here soon.

Finding a barn wasn’t as hard as I expected. There are a lot of barns down here, of all price ranges. I found one in about the same price range that I was paying in the central coast. The quality is a little lower than my previous bar as far as style and “niceness” but there are several arenas, the horses are fed a good quantity of food, the horses look healthy and the pipe stalls are pretty large. 24’x24′ I believe. I got spoiled at my last barn. It was much cheaper than it should have been, based on the quality of the care and the facilities. I could have tried to search around a bit more to see if there were nicer barns still within my price range but I’m more concerned with getting him down here.

I’m kinda going crazy without riding. Due to needing to move, my riding before getting down here was erratic at best. It has been about 2 months since I’ve had a consistent riding schedule. I felt that change when I last rode. Scarlet was really energetic and my back ended up hurting a lot. When I’m not riding, my core strength deteriorates so fast. One of my goals is to work on my core strength outside of riding so that I can improve overall in fitness and in riding. Right now, that is a little hard to do as my house is still filled with boxes and there isn’t really anywhere to stretch out on the floor to do a plank or a situp.

So, right now I’m just settling into my new home and trying to organize Scarlet getting down here. Hopefully, it happens soon and I can get back to riding. I miss my boy!


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