Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! Happy new year! Let’s hope that 2017 goes well for everyone and that we achieve our goals this year.

So, life around the holidays always gets crazy. Trying to make sure that all the gifts are purchased and traveling really didn’t let me get out much to the barn. Which was okay because riding in the cold and dark isn’t much fun.

I did get out a lot this week. Now that the light stays longer, it wasn’t too bad riding in the evening. I did a ride on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Quite the feat considering I was only out for a couple of times during December. I didn’t ask Scarlet for much though. I focused on moving forward and getting some of his energy out. He was really excited being back moving. But he was a very good boy and didn’t try to run much or anything.

We did a bit of transitions and a bit of leg yielding. Scarlet was moving pretty well and listening to me so we didn’t do much more. On Saturday I hopped him over a small cross rail a few times just for fun. Not really asking much.

So, things are going to be changing with me again. My husband got a new job so we will be moving to San Diego at the end of January. Obviously, my life is currently in chaos mode as we are moving from the central coast area. It is about 6 hours away. And moving sucks. Really sucks. Our plan is to go find a place next weekend. So we will be away then. And then we will be packing everything up and getting our stuff in order to move. Which means I will have less time to ride due to that. And I’m planning on not moving Scarlet asap. I don’t have a truck and trailer so it will take some time to find someone to transport him. And I do not want to add finding a good barn into my monumental list of things that I need to do. So Scarlet is going to remain here for a monthish. That way, the humans can get settled in and I can take my time to go see the barns and ride with the trainers to see if I like them. I’ve entertained the idea of asking my trainer here to ride him a couple of times a week to keep him moving. He will be 20 this year and needs to keep moving in order to be able to be ridden.

Hopefully all your new years start with a little less chaos than mine! Happy new year!


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