Extra Energy

Saturday was the first time I had been out on Scarlet in about a week and a half. Life tends to get really crazy around the holidays and runs away with me. The weekend before I was out of town and it rained the Thursday before so I wasn’t able to access the arena as they had closed it off after grading it. Then my husband got really sick. Like urgent care sick. So I took care of him for the beginning of the week. Then it rained again, closing the arenas. So Saturday was the first day back in the saddle.

Scarlet was really pumped up when I got him out of his turnout. He was actually quite well behaved in the crossties. I expected him to be dancing and unable to contain himself. He was sensitive to noises, more so than normal. Other than that, he stood still and let me do my thing.

When I got on was another story. He powered out and continued powering forward the whole ride. It wasn’t to the point that I didn’t have control but I didn’t have a working horse mind in my hands. I wasn’t too upset by that. He hadn’t worked in quite a while and had extra energy so I was expecting something of the sort. Cantering didn’t seem to get him calmed down either. Normally, when I haven’t ridden for so long, I try to just put him through his paces and call it a day. This time, since I wanted a horse that was rideable the next day, I did another ten or so minutes of trotting with him. We didn’t really get a noticeable edge off of his energy but I’ve got my fingers crossed for Sunday.

I may put polo wraps on him Sunday. He was super muddy when we came out of the arenas and I had to wash his legs off. It’s pretty cold so I felt a little bad about that. But it was better than leaving him dirty.


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