Power Horse

I did another night ride on Friday. Scarlet still has not gotten comfortable with being the only one out and having no activity going on in the barn. It was better since I let him eat while grooming him. He was less cranky when we got out to ride.

We worked a bunch on his bend. I did an exercise of going in a circle and overbending inside and outside. It is supposed to get him accepting the outside rein contact. I feel like it only marginally helped.

I also did a spiral exercise at the walk. It is quite difficult to marginally increase the spiral. It’s much easier for Scarlet to just turn rather than slightly go sideways. It was a lot of work for both of us.

On Saturday, I took advantage of riding in the daylight and rode in the jump arena. Some of the preteen riders were out there and they were riding a bunch of ponies and jumping around bareback. It looked fun but I was a little annoyed because they did not really have awareness of the rest of the arena. We got cut off a few times.

I wanted to use the poles that were out which was quite difficult to do when they were riding around. I did get to use them a bit after they finished. I focused on holding Scarlet to the pace I had set. He loves to speed up in reaction to the poles and jumps. We had to do some work where I stopped him just before the poles when he sped. It took quite a few times but we did get some good trots over the poles at a sane steady pace. I was quite happy at the end of the ride.


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