Baby Steps

Sunday and Wednesday were the only days I rode this week. I think the sun going down earlier is making me depressed. It’s taking more effort to convince myself that I need to go out.

Another issue with the sun going down is that school kids are back in school. So their riding times now collide with mine more. The cross ties that I normally use keep getting used by a kid and their horse whenever I am out to ride. Which isn’t an issue because I can use other cross ties but it is frustrating since those are the closest ones to my tack room.

Also, the new guy we have had at the barn is still getting used to the routine so the horses are getting fed about 20-30 minutes later than they normally had been. Which means Scarlet’s food is getting tossed when I get there or just before. He does not like being pulled away from his food. Because he is, you know, starving to death.

I’ve groomed him in his stall the past couple of times just to allow him to eat a bit and circumvent the cross ties being used. By the time I’ve finished my grooming, he has eaten about half a flake and the cross ties are now free for use. It works out pretty well.

I definitely feel like we have improved some in our walk and trot. Scarlet more readily adapts a frame at the walk and is responding to me requesting that he pick up the pace while walking. The trot still has a lot of bumps but I’m able to get more list sometimes. Its a momentary thing. I’ll feel like we are good for a few strides and then it falls apart. Its a learning process.

One area I’m positive we’ve improved in is our trot-walk transition. The transitional steps that my trainer had us do definitely helped Scarlet get the idea of putting his weight on his hind legs before transitioning downward. Even when I’m not asking for the transitional steps in the downward transition, I don’t feel like he is just letting all his weight drop to his forehand.

Canter-trot transitions are another story. We still suck majorly at those. I did a bunch of circles on Wednesday trying to do some canter-trot-canter transitions. They never really got smooth. Its something we still have to work on. I know its a lot harder for Scarlet to correctly lift his back at the trot so as we improve on that, I expect that lifting and moving forward to a faster gait will get easier as well.


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