Jumping and clips

I’d been feeling a little overwhelmed this week with how much of my time was being taken up by going to the horse and then working out when I came home. So Thursday I had to call for a day off. Complete day off. It’s not worth doing anything when you dread going out to see your horse or the thought of working out makes you want to cry. So I took Thursday off and just lounged. I felt much better for it on Friday.

Friday I decided we should probably go back to the dressage arena so that we don’t get too comfortable in one over the other. Someone had trailered in a teeny tiny Fjord. They were riding around in a halter and bareback. This Fjord was so tiny that their legs were only about 6 inches off the ground. A really sweet patient horse thought. We chatted for a bit and then I got to work with Scarlet.

Since I’d had somewhat of a burn out on Thursday, I wanted to take it easy and just focus on moving. So we did just that. All we did was try and get Scarlet to bend via circles and cantered around a bit. I did a bunch of simple changes across the diagonal and then we called it a night.

Saturday I was out early and we headed out to the jumping arena. We warmed up and tried to work his back a bit. Scarlet wasn’t in love with the idea but it is getting better. My hands are getting better and I think it is getting easier for Scarlet to lift his back. After we warmed up, I put Scarlet over a few jumps. They were set up a bit higher than I had done them but I had watched a pony jump them at a lesson so I wasn’t worried that we wouldn’t be able to make it over.

I started at a trot like I normally do but Scarlet didn’t think that he had to try and basically only made his front feet over in a hop. His back feet smacked the poles really hard. So I did the rest of the jumps at a canter and he took them more seriously this time. We had fun hopping over a few jumps. He is such a good boy when we jump. I’m not very experienced and neither is he but he naturally can just find the distances for me.

After our ride, Scarlet was super sweaty so we took quite a long time to cool out. I asked my trainer about her opinions on clipping. She thought it is a good idea for me because I always have to ride after work. We discussed clipping and she thought that I should try clipping his whole body and leave the legs since it isn’t too cold yet and it won’t be much of a shock. So next weekend I’m going to try clipping Scarlet. I’ve never fully clipped a horse before. I did a lot of shearing of sheep in 4-H so it’s probably similar. I had white wrinkly skinned sheep so that will be easier to deal with for Scarlet. It may take more than one time though. We shall see.


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