Continuing Practice

I’m continuing to try and work on improving myself while riding per the things that my trainer told me to do during out lesson. I think that I’m getting better at moving with the canter specifically. Scarlet’s canter has not felt at all stiff or rushed during the last couple of rides. Which is good because cantering has always been really easy. I think what had happened was that I started focusing too much on what I was doing with my legs and hands. Since I was doing that, I ended up connecting all my body parts together rather than letting them engage separately. Now that I’m focusing again, I can feel myself stiffening when I try and ask for more bend etc. I’ve been working hard on moving my legs without them being connected to my hips and I think this is working fairly well.

My hands are another matter. It is quite difficult to keep my hands steady and pushed into Scarlet’s neck while trotting. I think that is getting a bit better but not extremely so. I have to hold onto my saddle blanket a lot in order to keep my hands down. I do try and go a few circles with focusing on keeping them down and steady without holding on but it’s a lot harder. I am determined to master this though.

On Scarlet’s end, I have noticed that he is not pulling as much going either way. He learns quite quickly when he understands what you want. It is really nice to not have to strain against him when I am asking him to carry himself. There is still some tension but it’s not the forearm shaking tension that it was previously. I’m not sure if he is carrying himself right still going to the right. However, it does not feel as much like a motorcycle when going around turns as it did before so I think we are better. I’m going to continue to try and work on the things that we learned in our lesson. If we get better at those exercises, I’m sure that means that we are getting better at getting Scarlet’s back up.


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