Too Much!

The title of the post very accurately reflects how I feel about my life right now. Everything is too much! Too much work. Too many chores at home. Too many dishes awaiting me. Even too much horse.

Now that Scarlet has gained some weight and some top line, he has so much energy. It doesn’t even feel like we have tapped into that energy by the time we end our rides. Don’t get me wrong, I love when my horse is feeling good. I know he is excited and feeling good and just reacting to the extra energy he has. But man is it hard on me. The ride ends up tiring me way more than it ends up tiring him.

We are finally through the weekends that I had to go out of town for so hopefully I will be able to get back to a consistent schedule of riding. Scarlet does better when he is consistently ridden – doesn’t every horse – and I’d love to be able to access his brain again.

Tuesday I wasn’t planning on doing much with Scarlet because the -hopefully – last heat wave of the dying summer just finished and it was still in the upper 90s when I went to ride. But he was very up and ready to go so we focused on transitions. I’ll be honest. They were terrible. So awful. Every time I tried to signal for a transition, Scarlet’s head would pop up and his back would drop. Up or down. It was extremely frustrating. Transitions have been difficult for me for a while. However, we could normally do an okay upward transition. This is something I hope to address in a lesson soon.

Wednesday was a bit more transitions but mostly a lot of trot work in circles. I did not have Scarlet’s attention. At all. He was focused on the trees, the horses moving past the arena and anything but me. His trot speed fluctuated from ploding to speed demon. It was awful. He would sometimes try and duck his head and then drop in speed. He tried to walk when trotting or trot when cantering by pulling this trick. He only got away with it once or twice. He has been doing this quite often recently so I was prepared for it.

During the circles, I was really trying to get a good bend established and the feeling of some weight in my outer rein. I never really felt like I go that. I definitely felt it during our last lesson but I haven’t really been able to develop that. There are so many things that we need to work on. I scheduled a lesson for Sunday morning with my trainer. Here are the things I hope to address: the avoidance issues I’m feeling from Scarlet when I ask him to use his back, bend, contact on the outside rein and transitions. These are the exact things we worked on in the first lesson but I feel like we only brushed them since we didn’t have the muscle structure for much. I hope we can be a bit more thorough and tough with these now that Scarlet has muscle and energy to spare. I really need exercises to drain his energy or I am going to end up being the only tired one.


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