New things!

Scarlet was reshod last Thursday. His new shoes look pretty and he is moving much better. There was definitely a good chunk that needed to be taken off. This time, the farrier scheduled the next visit while I was there. He is trying to get more organized which is great for me.

I also ordered a new saddle pad for Scarlet. We normally use a fitted pad and a baby pad when riding. The fitted pad has been slipping and sliding underneath half of the saddle in the back. I end up feeling off balance which isn’t helping while riding. I’m excited to get the new pad. It should be a better fit for my all-purpose saddle.

Monday, I did a light ride on Scarlet because it had been five days or so since we rode. I didn’t really need to worry about it. He was extremely energetic. Even though I feel like I’m not progressing much more on him using his back, he definitely has more muscle than before.

Since he was so good on Monday, on Tuesday, I lowered a bunch of fences. I had two 12″ cross rails set up and then a cross rail with a pole four strides away. We hopped over those many times. Scarlet barely even lifted his feet when at the trot. It felt almost like he was doing a shoulder shrug. At the canter, he tried a bit more. But the fences I’m putting up really aren’t that difficult for him. I think we can raise the rails a little bit more without a problem. However, I don’t want to do too much more without working on other things. One issue with jumps is that he gets a bit excited. I need to work a bit more on rating him to the jump so we don’t mess up the canter quality while also not jerking on his mouth over the jump.

Wednesday was focused on transitions. Those were bad. Scarlet was deliberately trying to avoid doing the hard work so he would drop his back and stiffen during every transition. It was bad both up and down. I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I settled for okay and just left it at that. I’m busy this weekend but I’m hoping the weekend after that I can schedule a lesson. I need some help identifying whatever problems I’m causing. If its not me, then I need some help figuring out exercises in order to improve the transitions.


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