Life Interferes with Riding.

So life has been getting in the way of riding. I knew that weekends were going to be difficult this month due to me having almost every weekend booked out for things. But I wasn’t expecting things with my family nor feeling icky several times this month already. C’est la vie though. I’ll get through it. It just means that Scarlet and I will not get as much riding done as I would like.

I’ve gone out on Sunday and Tuesday this week. It isn’t enough and I do feel guilty for slacking. But it must not be too bad because everyone is commenting on how nice Scarlet is looking lately. It makes me feel all fuzzy when people compliment him.

For riding, he is doing okay but I need to make a lesson happen again soon. I can identify his stiffness on his right side now easily but I can’t seem to figure out how to get him to loosen up. He seems to be constantly leaning on my right aids rather than lifting himself. I know that he won’t be able to support himself for very long because he is weak but I really feel like I need some more tools to encourage him to do so, even for a little bit.

We’ve also had the problem of Scarlet’s hooves being overdue for a shoeing. The farrier had a rodeo to get to last weekend and I was out of town the weekend before. He should be getting them done this weekend but I’m hesitant to push him while riding with long feet. He tends to start tripping when his feet get long and I don’t want him smacking his leg without need.

Hopefully, next week things will get back to normal and we can continue improving our riding.


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