Lotta Horse

Wednesday was the first day I was able to get back to riding after the three day weekend. I was raring to get out there and apparently so was Scarlet. He was almost insane with energy.

When we were in the crossties, he would not stand still. He was swishing around, calling out and trying to yank his feet out of my hands. He also kept moving into me. I got my whip out and smacked him with it a bit to keep him out of my space. Sometimes when he has too much energy or when he is nervous, he tends to forget (or ignore) where I am. So I tend to have to remind him and a crop helps him pay attention.

Once we got out to the arena, he was super powered. His walk started off fast and I had to gather up the reins really early on. He was insistent on walking around like a giraffe. We got to work and man did he have energy. We never really had a plodding feeling to our gaits and after we cantered, his trot was motoring. It was really a lot more horse that I am used to dealing with. Probably from the long break but I wonder if a small part was from having more of the correct muscles built up now.

The other thing that was annoying about the ride was that sometimes I’d get him connected, lifted and bent and then all of a sudden he would assume the V shape. I normally don’t feel an extreme difference between connected and not with him but I really felt it this time. I felt like I was sitting in this huge canyon. His head was straight up and his butt felt like it was somewhere around my ears. We got together and moving but we struggled with this issue the whole ride.

Not being consistently ridden really seems to have made a difference in performance this time. I’m going to have to be conscious about getting out whenever I can these upcoming weeks because my schedule is really packed. If I’m not careful, we will have many more odd ball rides like this one.


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