Scarlet and I did some more jumps on Thursday. He is starting to laugh at me for how low I am putting the jumps. I thought I had put the cross rails up a couple of holes higher than I had them previously but he is still just barely picking up his legs. I’m going to have to raise the rails so he doesn’t get too bored.

We definitely are having fun rides with jumping occasionally. Now that I have gotten into it I have to keep reminding myself that we need to work on our ground work as well. Especially since that is what is going to build up Scarlet’s topline. I am working on it but our transitions are getting worse. I’m not entirely sure why. Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in a lesson soon to take a look at that. I do need to do more walk work as well. I’m mostly working at the trot with him as that seems to be the easiest gait. It’s a cop-out I know, but sometimes it’s really hard to avoid those.

Thursday’s ride was great and then ended oddly. I like taking Scarlet walking around the barnyard since he can be spooky. I like to try and expose him to things and it’s a relatively calm way to cool out. We walked up past the turnouts and we were walking calmly and on a loose rein. Then, Scarlet planted and spun out of nowhere. I leaned way over to the left and knew I was going to come off. Next thing, I was off on my feet and still had the reins in my hand. The reins were still even over his head. Scarlet wasn’t trying to run off. I think he was as confused by what happened as I was. I’m impressed that I managed to land on my feet. I am glad I did though because the ground was fairly hard and it was going to hurt super bad. After looking to see if there was anything scary, I mounted and we walked back and forth a bit. Scarlet was a little tense but relaxed after we did a loop. Then we finished our walk and I put him away.

That was the first time I had come off since I got him. I’m glad that I landed on my feet, especially since we left town for this weekend and sitting in a car with a bruised back for 5 hours would have sucked.


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