Odd Friday

I’ve been in occasional contact with the girl who owned Scarlet in between my ownership. I’ve sent her the occasional update and picture. That didn’t bother me since I felt some obligation due to my gratitude. She didn’t have to contact me when she was looking at selling Scarlet but she did. It was something I never expected to happen and I will always be grateful that it did.

She contacted me on Friday morning and said she was going to be in the area. She wanted to know if she could stop by to see Scarlet. A small part of me wanted to say no. A small part was worried that he would have a reaction to her and that would hurt me. But I said yes. Because those small parts didn’t make enough sense to keep me from doing something that wasn’t very difficult for me.

She stopped by at the end of our ride. I gave her a tour of the barn while Scarlet and I cooled out. We chatted a bit and she took a couple of pictures with Scarlet. She asked if it was okay if she posted them online. I didn’t mind. And then she went off to do what had brought her in the area.

I’m glad that I decided to do that. It made me feel good to show a bit of my gratitude and I’m glad I was bigger than my small voices. And I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time obsessing over it on Friday.

Saturday I decided to have a fun ride. Scarlet and I had been focusing on the things we had learned in our lesson all week so I thought we deserved to change it up. I lowered two jumps and created a cross rail and an itty bitty vertical. I ended up making the vertical super tiny due to being a little nervous about getting over it. The fence looked ridiculous when I got on Scarlet. They always look much bigger when I’m on the ground.

We warmed up and then went over the cross rail a handful of times. Then we went over the vertical. I was a little nervous but reminded myself to break and heels down. I shouldn’t have been nervous. Scarlet popped over it like it was nothing. We did that a couple of times and then I did a circuit each way of the two jumps. They were on opposite sides of the arena from each other so there was no need to really worry about striding. Scarlet launched himself over the vertical the first time I connected the two jumps. He left me far behind and I ended up yanking on his mouth. I felt bad and made sure to watch my hands the next time. He didn’t hold a grudge and popped over the fence without issue.

I loved having a small jumping day. I’m hoping that we can have a jump lesson after a couple more flat lessons. I feel like the flat lessons are extremely necessary whereas the jumping is just to make me happy. I will continue to work on keeping up the flat because that will be where all our muscle building comes from. Jumping will come if we keep at it.


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