Itty Bitty is still fun

This is going to be a super long post as it is going to cover Wednesday to Saturday. And yes, I did get out all those days.

Wednesday was fairly normal. I am in love with the huge jumping arena and I really like going in there. I almost always have it to myself but there are always people at the barn so it is still nice. I did share on Wednesday. A woman was riding a draft-y looking pony breed and doing some nice dressage work. It was amazing to see the horse keep his neck and head perfect. Scarlet and I didn’t work on anything specific on Wednesday. We mostly just enjoyed each other’s company.

Thursday, I got to the barn and noticed someone had lowered one of the jumps to maybe 6-9 inches off the ground in a cross rail. I looked at that and really wanted to try jumping Scarlet over it. So instead of going into the dressage arena like I was planning on, we went to the jump arena. After warming up and working for a bit, I took Scarlet over it at a trot a couple of times and then at a canter a couple of times. He was very not impressed. I think he only picked up both front feet at the same time once. I could totally hear him saying, “Really Mom? This is nothing.” It was fun none-the-less. At least for me.

Friday, I really wanted to jump again so I lowered another jump to just a bit higher than the one on Thursday. I shared the arena with a teenager who was jumping pretty high on her warmblood. All verticals. It was a bit more complicated to keep out of her way since I was never sure which fence she was trying to take. She had a couple of issues at some fences. I don’t know if I’m right but it looked like she was not getting the right striding to the jump for her horse to take off. Anytime he was refusing, it looked like he got right up next to the fence and just went, nope I can’t get that. My itty bitty jump looked pathetic in comparison but I really had fun. Scarlet jumped extra high once. Maybe he was trying to tell me he can handle more? I definitely came away from that ride with a really good feeling. I love doing more things with my horse. Definitely a lot of fun.

On Saturday, I promised myself that we would go in the dressage arena and focus on flatwork because that is really important. The dressage arena is better for that because the shape helps me figure out the circle sizes and such that are needed. I was planning on focusing on transitions but Scarlet was just too good. Except for the first trot-canter transition (always a sticky moment) he was golden for the whole ride. I couldn’t bring myself to drill transitions or counter canter or such when he was responding beautifully. We did do a few leg yields. He was pretty good for those as well. We also trotted and cantered down the center line and got a decently straight line. I knew he was listening well when he was trusting my aids enough to believe that I really was trying to send him straight down the line. It was a really good ride and we managed to be calm enough to cool off while walking around the barn yard.

Extra special thing from Saturday: I saw the barn trainer just before I was getting on so I grabbed her attention and scheduled a lesson. For Sunday morning! No time like the present right? It’s at 8am which is really early for the weekend but lesson! I’m so excited and I really can’t wait to see how we benefit from this.

PS – I’m changing the update schedule from Wednesday and Sunday to Thursday and Sunday. I plan to take Tuesday off every week and it would just be really disappointing to update on Wednesday with only Sunday and Monday.


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