Smoky Air

California is on fire. Which really isn’t all that unusual for the summer. Unfortunately, a new fire sprung up near to me over the weekend and smoke is now filling the air. That isn’t good for me to breath and neither is it good for Scarlet. So I only rode on Sunday and did not get out on Monday or Tuesday.

Sunday was pretty good. I really like the jumping arena. Its so large. The footing is good too. On Sunday morning, Scarlet and I were the only ones out there. I wasn’t out extremely early, around 9 am or so but it was just us. It was already hot by then so I made sure to take many walk breaks. I focused on getting him moving forward. Once we were warmed up, we did some leg yields at the trot. He can do them okay at the trot. I would really love if we had someone on the ground to tell us if we are crossing over at all or not but I make do with what I have. He moved away from my leg fairly readily which is good. That is something we have struggled with recently.

We also did a bit of counter canter work. We can hold it for a large loop in the arena. I’d like to work up to counter cantering for a whole lap, then two, then I’d like to work on asking for a lead and getting it, no matter which way we are going. That last one may be hard as Scarlet has become a point and shoot for most things with canter leads.

I also have been given the okay by the husband to get lessons once a month! I am so excited. You can always improve and I really feel like I need some guidance on my position, my cues and our work. I’m really looking forward to scheduling a lesson with the trainer at the barn. My biggest goals are to learn how to engage Scarlet’s back through the correct cues with my hands, seat, and legs and to be able to feel when he does have it properly engaged. I don’t feel like I can reliably do either of those things right now. These will be key in keeping Scarlet’s muscle tone as he gets older so we can continue to ride together for a long time.


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