The Big Kid’s Arena

We made it out to the jumping arena sooner than I had thought we would. Scarlet wasn’t being bad while riding but he had still been calling out during the warm-up phase so I wanted to stay in an arena that had fences. The dressage arena has fences. The jump arena has short little boards delineating the edge of the arena. I didn’t think Scarlet would try and run out of the arena but that was not what I wanted people’s first impression to be of us at the new barn.

When we went out on Wednesday, Scarlet still had a bit of issue with calling out. He was okay when there was another horse with us in the dressage arena but he didn’t want to be alone. I warmed him up and did a bit of work in the warm-up then walked. I wasn’t planning on working him super hard so I decided to cool him out in the jump arena. There were a couple of other horses working in that arena then so I figured that Scarlet would be less likely to spook or have issues if he wasn’t alone. We went out and chit-chatted with another boarder while we walked around the arena. Scarlet definitely was looking around at the arena and the surroundings. There are a lot of jumps and platforms around so I was not reprimanding him at all for it. He was only looking and didn’t spook at all. He did so well that we even did a couple of trot and canter laps around the arena. I thought about staying out more but I decided that we had pushed it enough for the day and should quit while we were ahead.

On Thursday, someone had moved a couple of the jump poles into walk and trot pole lengths. So obviously we had to ride in the jumping arena again. I decided to just start us off in there instead of warming up in the dressage arena. Someone looked to either be getting a lesson or having a training ride on their horse in that arena and I didn’t want to get in the way. Scarlet was still looking at the things around the arena but no spooking again so we had a decent warm-up. I couldn’t get him to relax enough to really stretch down during the ride but we got lower and stretched a bit. It’s improving. I’m sure we can stretch easily again once we are completely settled into the barn.

Saturday was also in the jumping arena but there was no one else this time. He did very well and even stretched down a bit to stretch his neck and back. We had a great ride. We didn’t do anything in particular while riding as far as Scarlet was concerned. I did do a bit of two point work for myself. I was attempting to do it at the trot but I couldn’t hold myself up. I had to canter so that I could even partially hold the two-point. It was so hard and I’m so out of shape. I am going to work on the two-point while riding and do some core and squat work at home in order to improve that. As I was cooling out, two of the teens that board came and started riding. I got to watch them hop over a couple of fences. The fences seemed massive to me. They were probably ranging between 2′ 9″ and 3′ 6″. I can only dream of doing that right now. Someday I definitely will jump like that.

Cool news outside of riding. I got an unexpected raise at work. I’ve only been in my current position for 2 months so I was definitely not expecting any raise for a while. Obviously, I’m quite happy about this. It is really nice to be consistently rewarded for being a good employee at work. Now, all I need to do to make this really good is figure out how to convince the husband to let me use that for lessons.


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