Settling In

So Scarlet still isn’t quite settled in. Sunday I went out to ride later in the evening as I had errands to run during the day. When I got there, I found out that the mare who had been stabled next to him had left the barn that day. So he had just gotten okay with things and his new buddy left him. He was screaming out when he saw me. I went and pulled him out to ride.

It went… well not great. I brought him around to the cross ties next to my tack room and he almost lost it because he was walking out of view of the horses. He called out the whole time I was grooming him and was quite antsy. It was really deafening. During the actual ride, he was calling out during the walk and basic trot work. When we did more complicated stuff at the trot and canter, he stopped calling because he only had brain and breath for one thing at a time. But as soon as we took a walk break, he was back to calling out. Every time he called out, we went back to work. He wouldn’t relax or pay attention so I figured I’d get him a little tired so he couldn’t freak out as much. We finally got a full walk lap during the cooldown so I got off. He continued to call out while I was grooming him again. This time, he didn’t try and kick me.

I spoke to the barn manager and we moved him a few stalls down to put him next to another horse as he was on the edge and there were a couple of empty stalls in between him and the next closest horse. He seemed okay with that.

Monday was better. Still calling out but not close to as much. He almost relaxed enough during the ride to stretch his neck out and down. This ride, there was more action going on at the barn so any time a horse rode into our view, he would stare at them for as long as possible. This made for some really odd contortions as we went around corners and such.

I’m hoping that with a couple more days he will feel less panicked about the possibility of leaving the other horses and will settle into our routine. I completely understand why he is having so much difficulty, I just wish he wasn’t so loud when calling out. It definitely hurts the ears.


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