Officially Moved

Saturday was moving day! My friends who were helping me move with their trailer had a clinic at 9 am about an hour away so we moved at 7 am. My brain was very confused when my alarm went off. It was thinking “Wait it is not a work day…”. Then I remembered why I had to get up. I had a quick breakfast and then headed out. My friends arrived a couple minutes after 7. Scarlet had been fed at 6 am so he had only  a small amount of his food left. My previous barn owner let us take a bit of hay to put in a hay bag.

I was worried about getting Scarlet in the trailer since he had issues when I had him shipped down here when I got him back in October. I was right. He didn’t really want to get in but did with some encouragement. But once in, he panicked and tried to run out. My friends closed the door so he couldn’t run out but he had gotten himself turned around already. I managed to get him turned around and in the stall but he definitely was panicking. He tried to rear but only did a little bunny hop since the roof was there. We got him in the trailer and we headed out. I wasn’t scared when I was dealing with turning him around but the nerves hit when I got in my car and followed the trailer. That could have easily been really bad if he had completely lost it.

He was pretty anxious when we got there but carefully tiptoed off the trailer and went to his stall fine. I moved my stuff in and let him settle for a bit before pulling him out for a ride. He did not like being pulled away to be groomed. He danced around and called out a bunch. It was really difficult to get him groomed enough to ride. The ride itself wasn’t too bad. Except for at a walk, he hardly called out and focused on moving forward. After the ride, that was worse. He wouldn’t stand still at all and kicked me when I was attempting to pick out his feet. Luckily, it only grazed my thigh but I was absolutely pissed. He was acting completely brainless. I hope he settles in by tomorrow. If he doesn’t I’m probably going to try to stick him in one of the crossties in the barn. I’d rather not deal with him having a full 180 to dance around in.


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