Almost There!

Sunday was not super warm but when I was riding, there was absolutely no breeze. That made the 75-80 degree morning seem unbearable. I ride in breeches and a long sleeve sun shirt. I’ve already had to deal with skin cancer once so not wearing the sun shirt is not an option. So I sweated. A lot. I had initially been planning on doing more on Sunday than just a short ride but it was so uncomfortable. I ended up wrapping it up early and just giving him some grain.

Monday the barn owner’s daughter was riding for a bit so Scarlet was tensed up and excited. Considering that, he wasn’t actually bad. He just had a lot of energy. Since he did, I decided we were going to work harder. After our warmup, I did a bunch of trotting around. He moved out at the trot like a steam powered horse or something. He has these moments where I go, wow your trot really is amazing. But I can’t seem to consciously get this trot to happen. Maybe with some help I can figure out the cues. He moved out like that for quite a while. I believe he was even correctly uphill in his body because it definitely felt like he sat down and pushed forward. It was quite fun.

We did some lateral work at the trot. I forgot how much easier it is for him to move sideways at the trot. He can leg yield at a trot and at the halt but not at the walk or canter well. Canter is obviously harder but I always forget that the walk is actually a very tough gait to do things in. Its deceptive because it is so slow and calm for the most part.

I’m super excited about our move. We are moving early in the morning as the friend who has the trailer has a clinic scheduled at 9 am that same day but that’s not a big deal. We only have 1 more ride at our current arena. Change always leaves you with a slightly sad feeling but this time, it is very slight. This change will bring a lot of positive things into our life and I’m looking forward to them.


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