Good Rides

So I haven’t ridden much in the past week. It’s been hot again and I’ve been lazy. Not a great excuse but its what I have. I had planned on getting Scarlet’s teeth floated on Thursday and then riding this weekend. But the vet’s truck broke down so we rescheduled for next Thursday.

I did get out on Thursday and have an amazing ride. We didn’t do anything special but while trotting around. There were moments where Scarlet really felt like he was in a frame. It was wonderful. I was scared to move because I didn’t want to ruin it.

I also rode on Monday. The daughter of the barn owner was riding her horses and had one on the hot walker. It’s always chaos when she is out there as her horses run around kinda nutty. Scarlet was super tense at the beginning of the ride. His sides felt rock hard. I focused on just keeping him moving forward. We managed to relax after cantering for a while.

I’ve been looking into supplements quite a bit lately. I’ve never really considered them as I’ve never done any high-performance things with Scarlet. I’ve been thinking about a bioflax supplement for hoof and coat but I haven’t purchased it yet. I was talking with a coworker on Friday and she suggested some joint supplement since Scarlet is older. I’ve never really thought about joint supplements as there is really very little evidence that they work in the scientific sense. Joint injections do as they add more fluid to the joint. But nothing is really conclusive. I did consider purchasing MSM. It’s an anti-inflammatory agent so it would definitely benefit if he has some arthritis issues. It is about 12 bucks for a 2.25lb bag at a store near me. I read a lot of reviews about it and people have had mixed results. It seems like 60% have seen improvement, 20% have seen no change and 20% have seen negative results. I figured I could try it for a bit to see if it helps at all. It most likely will not hurt him. If he has a bad reaction, I’ll just remove it.


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