Date Confirmed

I have now nailed down the date to move to the new barn. My current barn has you pay board based on the day of the month you initially moved in on. Since that was the 10th for me, I had already paid for board by the time that I got confirmation that I would be able to move to the new place. So I spoke with my friend who said she would be able to trailer us over and the new barn manager. My friend is okay with moving me any day and the new barn manager is okay with me moving in slightly after the start of the month. So I will be officially be moving in on the 6th of August. I cannot even explain how excited I am.

When I went out riding on Friday, Scarlet came the closest he has come yet to actually unseating me since I got him back. It was really windy and there were other people who were out riding. The other people weren’t really the issue. He likes seeing other horses out and about and we have long since gotten past the other-horses-cause-me-to-go-crazy stage. We started riding around like normal and had gotten through most of our warm up. Usually, we have experienced everything we would normally have to deal with and everything is good after our warm up. This time, we were coming around on the fence side he dislikes occasionally but everything seemed good. I was just considering sitting and asking for a canter when he bolted. Sideways leap, twisting body, half rear, full-scale bolt. I was left half in the air along the rail and half in the saddle. I leaned way off the left side and had enough time to even think “Crap I’m gonna fall.” before I somehow managed to get back in the saddle. Still not sure how I managed that. The monster Scarlet ran from? The neighbor walking toward the fence. I couldn’t get him fully settled for the whole rest of the ride.

I told my current barn owner that I was leaving. It’s a fairly informal place so there is no 30-day notice clause. I waited to tell her until I had a specific date to move out. I was nervous to tell her. I definitely want to leave the barn and find a place with a higher level of care but she was very nice and easy to work with. It was nice to have the barn available so easily when I had to move Scarlet with short notice. The care may  not have been the best but I wasn’t paying much. I got what I paid for and I’m happy with that. But I am happy that a new chapter is opening up. Scarlet will have a better place to live, lots of food and turn out. I will have a community of people to ride with and better facilities to ride in. I don’t know how I am going to wait the three weeks till we move.


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