On Sunday I took a tour of the barn I want to move to and discussed the rules and how things go. I really like the place. There are two arenas, a round pen, several hitching posts, some crossties, a wash rack or two and several tack rooms. And jumps! One of the arenas is a jumping arena with a bunch of standards and poles. I’m super excited about that.

The board option I’m looking at for Scarlet is a half covered mare motel. He will have a couple of hours of turnout on dry pasture each day. He gets to have more food there and the pens have a raised portion that has rubber mats with shavings. So in the winter, he will have a nice dry place to stand.

I will be moving come the beginning of August. I’m not sure which weekend as I’m still working out getting there. A coworker’s friends have a trailer and she is going to ask them if they would mind moving me. Otherwise, the barn manager at my new barn said to let her know if I need help moving. I’m very excited and looking forward to all the new opportunities at this new barn.

I really messed up my back on Thursday. The chiro appointment was really necessary as my back had been hurting since we jolted. Even after the adjustment, my back was sore. It was a much better sore since my back was in the correct position. But it takes a while for my muscles to be happy after having been in the wrong position for so long. Since I was so tender, I only walked and trotted a bit on Tuesday. I’ll probably be doing more progressively as the week goes on. Hopefully, my back heals quickly as it being sore is really not fun when you sit at a computer for eight hours a day.


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