Scarlet and I had some good rides this week. We didn’t have too spooky of a time, which is heartening. I’m trying to make sure that I focus on moving forward and moving through whenever he starts to look at something. I know he is going to look but I want him to be able to keep going forward. We seem to be making some progress with that.

Thursday we had a normal ride but Scarlet stepped right down into the little ditch that has developed from drainage in the arena and I came down hard on his back. It really messed up my lower back. It was quite sore for the next couple of days. Good thing I have a chiro appointment on Monday.

I made an appointment to get him shod on Friday as he was getting a little long. My farrier is pretty good and will go out while I’m at work and do Scarlet. Scarlet’s never really had an issue with the farrier. Except for lipping at their back pockets, he has always stood very nicely. I went out on Friday and his feet hadn’t been done. I sent a text to the farrier and got on to ride. I was almost through our warm-up when the farrier pulls up. He had been next door and had run late on his jobs that day. He had another horse to do at my barn so I finished riding before he did Scarlet. We put back shoes on him again as it kept his feet much more even overall and the ground is hard right now so it’s good to help protect his feet.

It turns out the new horse next to him is a mare and she just went into heat. She decided Scarlet was her man and lost her mind when I pulled him out for the ride. She was screaming the whole time, even though the pens are right next to the arena and she could see him the whole time. I didn’t know Scarlet was so desirable to the ladies. For his credit, he was quite calm and didn’t get worked up during our ride.

I may be moving barns soon. There is a barn not too far from my house that is hunter/jumper focused and they have one stall open in my price range. I’ve been to the barn before for a couple of lessons and like it. I’m going to do a formal tour tomorrow and, hopefully, everything works out. If so, I’ll be moving there come the beginning of August. Better care for Scarlet, better facilities for riding and a trainer on site for whenever I can scrounge up the extra cash for lessons. I’m really excited about this as it will mean a lot more things for us to do while riding and the potential of having a barn community to be a part of. I’d really love that.


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