Hot Weather

Post is late as I completely forgot that yesterday was Wednesday.

We got a heat wave moving in across the southern half of California this week. It’s pretty killer. Sure 107 heat may not seem that bad to someone in Arizona but its pretty bad for us. I’m used to it being that hot in the summer where I grew up but we always had a good breeze that cooled down everything at night pretty well. We aren’t getting that as much here. Unfortunately so. It makes sleeping very uncomfortable.

I managed to get a ride in on Sunday in the morning before it got too warm. I didn’t have any particular goals with that ride so we just went and putted around. I did take my feet out of the stirrups for the cool out so that I would have to support them. Gotta work on those thigh muscles.

Monday and Tuesday were the first days of the big heat wave and I did not go out and ride. It had looked like it was supposed to get back to the mid 90s after that but now its just supposed to be 99/100 every day for the next two weeks. Normally, my schedule is to get home, get in riding clothes, and go ride. I can’t do that very well if it is super hot. Especially now since I am riding in long sleeve shirts.

On Wednesday, I tried something different to see if I could get out and ride without killing myself. There are no trees at the place I board so there really isn’t any shade to make the ride cooler. I went out after 6pm and got on to ride. It was definitely cooler. Even then, I walked and did a bit of trotting with Scarlet. I didn’t want to overheat either of us on our first real hot weather ride. It was not a bad ride. We had a couple of large spooks but went forward fairly well at a walk and trot. I did some spiral in and out circles at the trot to get Scarlet a bit more under himself.

The sun was still fairly high in the sky when I finished so I could have gone out a half hour later and still had plenty of light. I’m going to try that today. I still want to have decent rides but I don’t want to melt either.


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