Sun Shirts

These last few days I’ve been riding in sun shirts. They seem to be doing quite well. I’m super duper pale and have already dealt with skin cancer once, so I’m very careful about how much sun I’m exposed to. When I ride, I put on 50-70 SPF sun block on all exposed skin. I don’t like doing that as hair can get stuck to it and it can wear off if I’m outside longer than planned. So I had been considering getting long sleeve shirts to ride in for some time. The idea didn’t really appeal to me as I also overheat fairly easily. But I asked my dermatologist last time I went to see her and she said that just normal long sleeve wouldn’t be enough.

And so I bought a few sun shirts from Coolibar. (Amazing customer service btw) They have been pretty comfortable and light weight so far. Of course, it hasn’t been really hot this week. Its usually mid to low 70s by the time I get out to ride at the barn. Its supposed to start heating up again soon so that will really put the breath-ability of the material to the test. However, they are worth it if they protect my skin from the sun.

Scarlet and I have been doing pretty well. I’ve gotten a bit better at focusing on doing something each ride so they are mostly feeling productive. Sunday was focused on moving forward. The neighbors were moving around in their yard and he was really feeling good so moving forward was about all I was going to get.

Tuesday I lost track of time since I was so focused on what we were doing. I decided to make him side pass into the corner whenever he spooked. We did that a couple of times in two corners and he seemed a bit better. After warming up, I focused on him remaining relaxed in those corners. By this, I mean I rode him in circles till he stopped worrying about the corner and took his nose out of the air. I did this on a loose rein and it seemed to work. At the canter, I tried to encourage him to move forward while supporting him with only seat and legs. This doesn’t work as well on the right lead as on the left. I’ll need to work on his balance with that lead some more. For cooldown, we did more circles in the corner. I did those till he was willing to drop his nose all the way to the ground. I did nothing but right on the buckle and walk circle after circle but he followed the reins down after a while. A fairly successful ride.


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