Recovering from being sick sucks. It takes forever and can be extended by mucus that randomly chokes you. 

I didn’t manage to get out to ride till Thursday of this week. That’s two weeks since I last rode. (And yes I was going insane.) I just walked and trotted a bit. I had planned on being out longer but the more I did, the more likely I was to keep choking on mucus. So I called it short. I wasn’t completely better so it’s better to just do a little than push and be out of commission for even longer.

Friday I did not ride but I did go and watch my coworker do a dressage test at the horse park behind my work. Her horse was not happy to be the last one riding before lunch break and threw a mini fit at the beginning of the ride. She had a buck at one canter depart and he did not want to counter canter on one lead but they did well overall.

It wasn’t as fun as watching the jumpers but it was interesting. Dressage is really difficult, necessary for every horse to know the basics of and really not a spectator sport. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really difficult sport but it doesn’t have the mass entertainment appeal that a jumping round does. I believe that is because it is much more technical on what is bad and what is good. It’s pretty easy to watch a jumping round and understand that knocking fences down is bad and going fast is good.

Saturday I was able to get out in the morning and ride a good amount. Still a little mucus but definitely not as much. I also tried out my new sun protection shirts. It wasn’t super hot so I didn’t fully put them to the test but they don’t seem like they will kill me with the long sleeves.

I just got a promotion at work and I really enjoy the new job. Bonus is I got a pretty large raise and the husband is okay with me using part of that to move Scarlet to a better facility. I have my eye on one in the area. He would like to wait till we know exactly what is coming out after taxes and 401k but I should shortly be in a place that has better arenas, more food and a trainer on site. I still need to come up with extra money for lessons but I don’t have to worry about trying to get the them anymore. So I’m definitely going to be doing some. My goal is to get one a month. Fingers crossed everything goes well in that regard.


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