Lateral Movements

On Monday, I tried some more counter cantering when riding. It went fairly well. We actually had better balance going in a circle at the counter canter than doing loops along the arena. That was a bit odd to me as the loops were larger and it should be easier to do a larger turn on the wrong bend. Either way, the counter cantering went well.

I also did some figure eights with simple changes. I wanted to ask him for the same lead after changing a couple of times to ensure that he was paying attention to me and not anticipating. He was anticipating. So we ended up on the wrong lead for a couple of steps. We fixed it and after a couple of more times, he listened a bit better to me.

I think I got a couple of good minutes of a sitting trot as well. I’m desperately trying to figure out how to move my body with the trot without asking Scarlet to slow down too much. I can’t quite seem to get there. I have no issues sticking with any of the other movements, including spooks but I can’t figure out the trot. I really would like to fix that tendency of mine. I’ve thought that it may be easier to do if I can get Scarlet to carry himself well but that’s difficult for me to do. I’m realizing more and more that I’m hopelessly under-educated in proper riding. I understand the concept of using your legs to channel your horse’s energy forward and your hands being the part the contains the energy and drives the legs underneath the body. But I can’t figure out how to do that. I really need lessons in these things so that when I do figure it out, someone can tell me so. Once I feel it and understand how I did it, I can do it again. But I need help getting there.

We also did some leg yields across the diagonal. We always have issues with those. I learned to do those mostly sideways. (IE start from a halt and move sideways and barely move forward enough to get the cross) Definitely not the way to learn these in order to get the movement of across the diagonal. I find myself struggling with getting the correct amount of sideways movement. I am either restricting forward movement too much and it feels like we are going abruptly sideways or I am not asking for enough sideways movement and we hardly move sideways at all.

Most of this post is complaining about my failures as a rider. I am upset by all the things I can not do correctly. However, I am also happy to know that I am good enough to see how much I really don’t know. Now all I need is teaching to reach the things I’m missing.


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