Work Harder

It is definitely harder to both ride and work out in the same day but I’m managing so far. 

It’s been beyond windy recently so it been quite difficult to get a good ride in. Just about everything is scary to Scarlet when the wind is blowing at 40 mph. I am getting tired of the spooking so I’m planning on getting some things to do a sacking out session sometime in the future.

My main focus on Wednesday and Friday was just to get through my rides. We never really got forward or stretched out. It may have been due to the wind. We were very energetic and up and down. Not great rides either time.

On Saturday, I just decided to keep riding and keep working. I started doing serpentines and circles just after warming up. Then we went across the diagonal. I did that at both the trot and canter. Then I did some figure eights at the canter, simple changing between. After a few of those, Scarlet didn’t listen to my cue to transition to the trot so we ended up having a circle of counter canter in there. I did it the other way as well to make sure we worked both sides.

I’m surprised that he could counter canter as I haven’t been working him that hard. He always surprises me with the amount of work he can do. I should have remembered that. 

I also should have remembered that we almost always had to work for 30-40 minutes in my lessons before his brain would turn on. We did all of that and the more we did, the more focused he got. We still had spooks but he was much easier to deal with. I believe that I may have to find warm up exercises that work his brain as much as his body so that we can have more productive rides. I also am going to have to work harder with him as we end rides with a lot of energy left. I definitely do not want to exhaust him, but if he is this energetic, I can work on things that I didn’t believe him fit enough to do. 


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