On Sunday I wanted to focus exclusively on getting Scarlet moving forward. The past couple of weeks, he had been really pulled in and tight together. I couldn’t get him to stretch out and down at any gait. We normally wouldn’t have issues at that as he learned early on that he could stretch down if I let him have the reins.

So I rode around with very long reins. They dangled while we moved. I know that isn’t great form nor what you are supposed to do but I just wanted to get him moving out. After a looooot of going around the arena, he finally started to stretch down at all three gaits.

Focusing on forward seemed to help a bit with the problem corner. We managed to move through the problems with a lot of leg help. I’m trying not to focus too much on the corner as I’m worried that I might be becoming part of the problem. I know that he is going to be focused on the corner as he has always been spooky. If I can make him work through it, I should just do that and keep going.

I let him graze a bit as I groomed him after the ride. I really went after him with the curry comb. He still is a bit fuzzy on his butt and his belly and I wanted to try and tackle those areas a bit to see if I could get some of that off. I don’t think it was much better than before. It was nice to just focus on grooming him though. I love doing it (even though my arms get sore) but Scarlet seems indifferent. The only grooming part he likes is when I take a brush to his face. He loves scratching his face on a stiff brush.


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