It has been a goal of mine to get fit for a while now. (Isn’t it a goal everyone has?) I hadn’t been making much progress on it. Obviously riding my horse counts as an exercise but it’s not enough. I wanted to get fit, not only for my sake, but for Scarlet’s sake as well. If I was fit and weighed less, it would be easier for him to do his job. My mom had just got a new workout dvd set and was saying it worked really well for her. Half an hour didn’t seem like too much time commitment so I bought it. My husband and I have done four days so far.

It’s full of interval style workout so I dont actually feel too overwhelmed after working out. I do feel the soreness though. It was especailly bad on Friday. Friday was a leg centric work out and I had just gone to ride. So much leg pain. I don’t remember the last time my legs were in so much pain. It burned. Though I recovered very quick the next day. I’m hoping that this extra effort will help me ride better.

One thing I have noticed due to the exercises is that my hamstrings are really tight. I’ve been having issues with keeping my weight in my stirrups and my legs along Scarlet’s sides. This is probably one cause of this. I’ve added another goal to my list now: work on hamstring flexibility.

I’ve worn my boots around the house a couple of times and they have fallen a bit. I’m hoping a couple more times will get them to the point that they do not cut into my inner knee when riding. The left ankle is also slightly tight. Odd, since my right foot is my larger foot. Hopefully that one relaxes a bit. I’m sure it will as I use it but I’d like to have full feeling in my toes while riding.


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