Tuesday was the first day I had gotten out to the barn in about a week. I had some issues with my renewed license not arriving by mail by the time my old license expired. So, obviously, I couldn’t drive out to the barn on my own.

His heels are starting to get quite dry so I’ve been putting hoof oil on them. I haven’t been doing it consistently enough to tell if it is helping yet. I hope it does. I’m really worried about the ground becoming so hard. Most of the arena is quite hard already. The left half has more sand and is deeper so it’s not as hard. But the right half (the half he gets scared on) is super hard. I’d love to be at a place that had a better-maintained arena. I’m not sure I will be able to, though. It’s 200 extra dollars per month for any other place in the area.

Despite that, we had a fairly decent ride. We just walked and trotted around as it had been a while. My new boots still aren’t broken in enough for me to ride in them yet so I’m still riding in my old boots. They are still functional but I cannot wait until the new boots can be ridden in.

I was trying to figure out why I am not motivated to do more of the things I have been planning on doing. This blog, for example. I did a bunch of posts consistently for a long time. Then all of the sudden, I’m not posting the days I plan on and not feeling guilty about it. Motivation is such a weird thing. It’s in all of the aspects of our life and seems to come and go. I have been trying to force myself to do things recently and I feel like I am getting a little better. My goal is to start doing more than “a little better” and actually do the things that I wish to do.


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