Good Transitions

I had a few very good rides this week. I have been wanting to focus on transitions with Scarlet. It’s difficult to do it I’m fighting him over the scary-not-scary things on the other side of the fence. Some of the rides this week were much better than recently. I was actually able to work on transitions.

I rode a lot of walk-trot transitions earlier on in the rides. I’ve been having difficulty getting Scarlet to pick up his walk into an engaged pace. When I ride transitions, he sharpens up. I’m pretty sure my difficulties are due to him just ignoring me. Our walk-trot transitions have been getting better. We’ve had a few where I really feel like he is on the bit and waiting for the signal to go faster. I even got that a couple of times with a halt transitions.

We are still having our normal troubles with the fenceline and corner that we normally have. And since it has been windy for forever now, it’s been worse than normal. I’ve gotten tired of dealing with it. Plus Scarlet’s back feet are bare and the ground is starting to get too hard for them. The part near the fence is harder than the rest of the arena so I avoided there in order to keep his feet from chipping. It actually seems to be working better this way. After we work off some of his energy, it is easier to get him over to the corner and through it without issues. I’m okay with cutting off some of the side if he will listen otherwise. So far it seems to be working.

I had the farrier put back shoes on Scarlet when he came out on Friday. He wears his back feet down pretty fast. Also, the sides of his feet have been flaring outwards these last two months. Those had developed a few cracks that I was trying to keep from being chips. It isn’t that much more expensive to do a full set of shoes. So I chose to do that. It’s better for Scarlet in the long run. Especially since the ground is just going to stay hard now that we are almost into summer weather.

Saturday we went on a bunch of errands and I went to the only other tack store in the area that has English gear. They had a couple more boots that were within my price range than the other. There were only two of those that had my size. I tried on both of them. They were both leather though one was noticeably thinner than the other. That one had more of a square toe. Both of them fit and had the elastic panel that goes near the zipper. I’m super happy with that as it hopefully will stave off the problem of splitting zippers. The closer fitting square toed one was just a little bit harder to zip up and since there was no difference in comfort/fit overall, I went with the one that I could zip up easier. So happy that I have functional boots again!


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