Busy Week

So I didn’t get out to ride since I went out on Sunday. My best friend is moving out of town so I have been spending as much last minute time with her as I can. Which means spending time with her while she is packing after work. So no horse riding for the last couple of days.

I am expecting to get out the rest of the week. I need to get back into riding consistently again. It’s been a problem since I got back from Japan. I need to have more discipline with what I try to do. It’s too easy to just say no I don’t want to today. And that is okay occasionally. But its not okay to do all the time.

I’m going to give boot shopping one last try. There is another store in town that may have some tall boots available. I’m going to go down there Saturday morning and see if they have anything in my price range. If not, I have two options for online. One is purchasing the only pair that are in my price range from SmartPak. SmartPak now has free returns for things that need to be fit. Extremely important when purchasing boots. Dover has more options within my price range but its a $12 shipping fee in order to return. I don’t really want to pay $12 for the privilege of trying on the boots. The other option is to purchase the ones I already have again. I’m thinking about going up in width to see if that will help with the zipper problem I’ve had on mine. I’m not entirely sure if that will work. I’d have to measure my leg if it came down to that option. Mostly I’m just crossing my fingers that there will be some option at the store this weekend.


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