After the awful ride on Monday, I was soured for going out to the barn for the rest of the week. That alone may not be the best of excuses but it happened that my week got busy with other things as well. So the next time I rode was on Saturday. 

Wow what a difference. Scarlet was still quite spooky but he was listening much better. I felt like we were able to work through the kinks and get a good workout in. We didn’t really do anything specific either. Just a basic w/t/c in circles. 

It’s amazing how different your mood is based on how your ride goes. I was in a much better mood on Saturday than I had been on Monday.

Sunday’s ride was even better. I went out with a plan and was able to actually get it done. I wanted to do some walk trot trot halt transitions and get them to be fairly responsive. Scarlet was able to do that for me. I also wanted to do simple changes across the diagonal for cantering. We did that really well. I was quite happy with Sunday’s ride.

While grooming, I did notice that Scarlet’s back feet had flared out quite a bit to the outside. After the ride, I noticed that the flares now had some good chips in them. I’m going to talk to my farrier and see if he thinks it’s because we are just about due for a shoeing or if I need to put back shoes on him.


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