Bad Ride

I rode on Monday and that was it this week so far. Unfortunately, it was not a great ride. Scarlet started off the ride by being spooky even when being tied up for grooming. It was windy so I was willing to let it go somewhat. The wind always gets him really tense and twitchy. I get that it is scary so as long as he isn’t really spooky, he gets a pass.

Scarlet normally fidgets a bit at the beginning of a grooming session but then settles down after I insist that he stands still. Not so this time. He kept trying to eye over his shoulder and stare at the trees that had wind blowing through their leaves. It was quite noisy so I didn’t think too much of it.

I should have probably called off the ride when we just couldn’t get going to any rail of the arena in a straight manner but by the time I realized that the ride was going to be a total battle, it was already too late. I couldn’t get off him at that point because it would have been a reward for completely ignoring me.

Now, I know its hard for him to focus when he is spooked by things. I’ve had him for most of his life and know that he is spooky. However, Monday was a level we hadn’t had to deal with in quite a long time. He completely ignored all my aids. Legs, seat, hands. I had to fight to get him to move forward and then towards where I wanted to go. Eventually, we were able to get to a decent forward trot. The trot definitely had extra bounce to it but it was acceptable otherwise. I was exhausted and sore by the time I got off.

Objectively, the ride probably wasn’t that bad. No real spinning. No getting bucked off. But it felt like a failure. I’ve been having a hard time feeling positive about riding recently. I feel like any an all things that I try are just getting progressively worse. He isn’t respecting my aids, I can’t tell if I have connection through his body etc. I know that I should set small achievable goals for myself and be more flexible with what I’m achieving but sometimes its hard to stay objective and not feel like I’m wallowing in the mud of failure.


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