New Boot Search

I got an unexpected sacking out lesson on Thursday. It was really windy and I figured Scarlet would be a little more “excited” due to the wind. He usually can get a bit flighty when everything is blowing around. What I didn’t think about was that some of the things in the neighbor’s yard are covered in tarps. So the tarps flapped. Lots. To be fair to Scarlet, his reactions were very good. He crab-walked away from the tarps for the most part and listened to me when I insisted that he walk near them. During the gusts, he planted his feet and started a few times. But planting  is preferable to spinning. All told, I think that his reactions were very good and that it was a beneficial ride.

While I was riding, my boot split again. My right boot zipper hasn’t been able to zip up completely since I had to fix the zipper again myself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my fix is going to be enough to make my boots last a bit longer. I had hoped that I could keep using them since they aren’t really worn. I was able to un-zip them to get them off and they did zip up again when I rode on Sunday. But I don’t think they are very structurally sound. My sister and I decided to go boot shopping at the tack store after our ride on Sunday. Unfortunately, though this tack store does have a decent sized English section for the area, there weren’t too many options in my price range. I tried on the boots they had in my size but none of them fit right. So no new boots.

I know that I can find many more boots in my price range online but it’s really hard to purchase boots online. Especially because I may end up returning them a lot of times in order to get the correct fit/size. I looked at Smartpak since they have free returns but there aren’t any options in my price range either. So I’m left continuing the search for the moment.


2 thoughts on “New Boot Search

    • Lol. I’m not on a boot search now but I totally am going there. I read about it on Carey’s blog and have it on my list already. I just need to find a weekend day to do so!


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