Wind + Shedding

Equals hair EVERYWHERE. On my clothes. In my mouth. Even somehow inside my sports bra. It is definitely not very comfortable. However, shedding is awesome since it means that Scarlet will be able to cool off better after our rides. And I do love his sleek summer coat.

I rode on Monday and Tuesday, short rides each day. We only walked and trotted. On our Monday ride, I really wanted to do more and canter but when I took a walk break, I could tell that my lungs were having a hard time. My breathing was slightly more raspy. So I erred on the side of caution and decided to call it a day. I’m sure that Scarlet could stand up to more working but I don’t want to push myself and end up bed ridden for even longer.

Tuesday was more of the same. It was fairly windy so Scarlet was more worked up. Everything in the neighbors yard was a monster and he had to look at it as he crab walked sideways. It wasn’t too bad overall as far as spooky goes. He focused enough on me that I could get him moving forward at a good pace so I let him look at whatever it is while we moved and didn’t fuss. I did laugh at him when he started at a chicken flapping it’s wings. Such a big boy to be scared of a little chicken.

A slightly scary moment happened when I groomed him. I picked up his right fore to check if it needed picking and a rock about my thumb’s width had gotten stuck at the bottom of his frog in between the ends of his shoe. It was lodged in there pretty well too. My hoof pick wasn’t doing much to get it loose. I had a brief moment where I panicked slightly. The rock wasn’t pressing against his frog nor was it causing him to limp but back when I first owned Scarlet, we had an incident where he got his hoof stuck in the fence and I had some flashbacks to that. I had been going out to feed him and I saw that his hoof was caught and he was going crazy trying to get away. I ran out and got him to calm down by talking to him and touching him when he wasn’t moving. However, the wire was lodged really far underneath his hoof and I didn’t have any clippers on me. When I tried to move away, he freaked out again and I was so terrified that he was going to break his leg or something. Eventually I was able to yell loud enough to get the attention of my family who was still inside and my dad cut the wire but it was a scary moment. In comparison, the rock was hardly even close to as dangerous but it still caused me some panic.

I ended up being able to wiggle the rock down and out from his shoe and that was that. So bizarre that he stepped on a rock the perfect size and angle to get lodged like it did. But that’s horses for you. If there is a way to get hurt or have something happen to them, they will find it.


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