We’re Back!

Back from Japan!

I love going on vacation but it’s definitely nice to be home again. After traveling for almost two weeks I missed my bed, my cat and -of course- my horse!

Jet lag is a powerful thing and it definitely hit me like a hammer. To top that off, I had gotten sick on the fourth day of our vacation and it came back on the plane ride back so I spent the first couple days back from vacation trying to recuperate from that.

Thursday, I was feeling good enough to go out and see Scarlet for a bit. I took him out, let him eat some grass and curried him. He did not obey what I told him to do before I went on vacation. He did not finish shedding by the time I got back. Oh well. It was too much to hope that he would be able to shed his whole winter coat in two weeks. I got a lot of hair off of him just by currying. Some parts of his body look pretty smooth and like his summer coat already. Those parts also still have a few long hairs stuck to them which looks funny.

Saturday, I got on and rode for a bit in the evening. Scarlet was very distracted and unfocused but that was okay. It was the first time out for him in quite a while. He wasn’t being naughty at all. He was just excited to be out again. It was a short ride, just walk and trot, since I’m still trying to get better.

I definitely am happy to be back and be with my horse. I’ve got a lot of things that I want to do with him and now we can work on them again!


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