Horse Sounds

I’m not the only one who thinks that the sound of a horse ripping up grass if the most calming sound in the world right? Or the only one who loves horsie grass breath? I hope not! I’ve really enjoyed the moments after rides with Scarlet where I just stand around and let him eat grass. It’s nice to just be with your horse without doing anything occasionally. Since it is no longer wet and mucky, it doesn’t seem like an issue to stand around for twenty minutes after a ride letting Scarlet stuff himself with grass.

We rode on Monday and Tuesday. I didn’t really do much. I was looking for a relaxing ride with just a small focus on some type of exercise. On Monday I focused on leg yielding. Its so much easy for Scarlet when we do it at a trot rather than a walk. On Tuesday I focused on transitions. We got those fairly well. We also did a few simple changes over a figure eight while cantering that were pretty good considering I hadn’t asked for simple changes in a while.

One thing I did change this week was to shorten my stirrups one hole more than I normally ride at. When I had shortened my stirrups for jumping, I felt much more secure in my seat. So I thought that maybe my stirrups are too long. I definitely felt like my lower leg was more stable and that I was better able to grip with my thighs. Since I don’t have a person on the ground, I can’t really get feedback on if my stirrups are too short for flat work. So I decided to stick with the shorter stirrups for now since I feel comfortable. It does have the unfortunate side effect of making me sore as my muscles work more in this new position. One small rain cloud in a mostly good situation.


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