We have shedding! Quite a decent amount. Not enough though in my opinion. Scarlet and I are getting to ride longer during the week now that it is staying lighter. Longer rides means more sweating. Since he still has most of his long hair, he gets pretty wet during our rides. I’d prefer for him to have less hair to keep the sweat. The past few days, I’ve been giving him a really vigorous currying before we ride. I tried to use a shedding comb but it didn’t seem to catch much. It would just be another step in grooming. Currying seemed to remove enough hair.

Scarlet is less worried about the corner now and more concerned about the whole fence line. It’s no longer the battle it used to be to get him to go anywhere along the fence but it is still annoying to have to work through it. Mostly I feel annoyed that even when we ride by it, he is testing my leg and pushing through it. I feel like this is one area where I am not experienced enough in knowing how to use my aids. Theoretically, I know that I need to block him with my (in this case) inside leg and rein in order to keep him going straight. But I do not really understand how to block him more than I currently am. We work through these issues as we ride but it takes up a large chunk of our time and energy. Sometimes it even throws us off enough that I cannot follow through with my planned ride for the day.

Thursday and Friday we focused on transitions. I want our transitions to be better. We really did improve. The first few are always fairly sloppy which is unfortunate. But Scarlet seemed to be listening much better as we went along. He improved a lot. I’m now worried that I am not able to sit correctly for downward transitions. They almost always feel bumpy to me. I think that I tense too much when I ask for it so I don’t move with Scarlet while we are doing the transition.

So I keep going through and working hard on the things I know I can do. I’ll save up my money and then have a laundry list of things that I want to go over when I can finally afford a lesson or two.

On the light side of things, Saturday was just an easy ride. I set up a tiny little cross rail before I got Scarlet out for the ride. We did just the basic warm up necessary and then I popped him over the fence a dozen or so times. We trotted a rough figure eight over it. Scarlet didn’t even need to try when trotting. He just picked his feet up a bit higher. The canter jumps were a bit messier. We didn’t have any real chips or long jumps like the last time I set up a jump. He was a little too excited with the canter jumps. We had a bunch of counter bend issues when I was cantering after the jump. We also had an issue with him not cantering after we get over the jump. I had considered us done at that point but when he didn’t continue cantering after the jump, I decided that we needed to do a few more to make sure that he was listening. The last few were fine except the counter bending so I called it good.

I let him roll in the round pen while I put the jump away. He made sure to get himself well covered, getting down on both sides and rolling. I then groomed him and got on him bareback with his halter on. I meant to grab my kindle so I could let him sit for a bit longer while he ate but he wasn’t responsive to moving close to the fence and was getting upset. So I gave up on that this time and sat on him for 10-15 minutes while he ate grass. It was a nice end to a good fun ride.


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