Continued Progress

I got to ride quite a bit this week. I rode Monday and Tuesday with Katie and Thursday, Friday and Saturday on my own, Its freaking amazing. I love love love being able to get out to the barn every day that I plan on doing so.

We are still dry right now so the arena is still in great shape and Scarlet’s pen is even drying out. I do hope that we get a bunch more rain, you know drought and all that, but its nice while it lasts.

For all of these days, I focused on keeping Scarlet moving forward. It was quite enjoyable to ride him like that but its definitely a work out. Scarlet seemed to enjoy it a lot. He got pretty dang sweaty each day. I floofed up his hair to help him dry off but I cannot wait for his winter coat to shed. I’ve been keeping an eye on his hair to see if there is any shedding. It doesn’t seem like there is any more loose hairs than you will normally get when grooming.

The corner seems to still be okay. I will occasionally get a spin spook when chickens or a dog moves on the other side of the fence. Honestly, its quite frustrating that I’ve been working on this corner for so long with him and Katie comes in and tells me to do one thing and its fixed. Its frustrating because it feels like someone knows my horse better than myself. I know that sometimes you can be too close to the issue and a fresh point of view helps. But everyone really wants to be the one that fixes their own problems, me especially. Not that I am not grateful for the help. It allows me to focus on other things now. It still stinks though that I wasn’t the one to figure out the answer.

Earlier this week, my boot zipper completely fell apart. I haven’t gotten a new zipper pull to try and stick on and finding replacement boots really isn’t that easy. Its super annoying because I had just gotten this boot zipper repaired. Since the only other pair of boots I have are western boots, I’ve been using vet wrap to tape up my boot in order to keep riding. It looks silly but it works! I’m hoping to get some time to go searching for boots at the local tack store soon. I may go with slightly higher end boots. I don’t want to spend too much but I also do not want to have the boots fall apart. Mostly I need to look at comfort and fit. Hopefully there is a decent selection.

Since we’ve worked so hard this week, I’m planning on having Sunday be a for fun day. We don’t do trail rides as I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing those on my own and there really isn’t anywhere safe to do them around our barn. I thought I’d set up some jumps before we get on and do a brief warm up then hop over them. Scarlet really enjoys jumping so popping around a low jump would probably be really fun for him. Then I’m planning on getting on him bareback with the halter and letting him eat for a while. He doesn’t have grass in his pen so he will probably love it. I’m thinking about bringing my kindle as well so I can stay on for a while and not be bored. I think it will be fun!


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